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MK Fireworks King

Chinese Dragon - £55 Deal

Chinese Dragon - £55 Deal

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A great MK Fireworks King package deal for only £55. This party cracker deal is a great mix ideal for families of younger children. 

There is limited number available for this deal, don't be disappointed, order now.

This deal contains:

Dragon Fire Fountain

- 60 seconds novelty fountain firework where the eyes light up

Traffic Light Cone Fountain

- Great set of 3 novelty traffic light fountains with red, amber, green colours

Wizard Tricks 15 Piece Selection Box

- A mix of fountains , shot tubes, roman candles and an 18 shot roman candle shot cake

Handheld Wizard Wands (4 pack)

- 4 x multi coloured wizard wands that crackle and sparkle

Saturn 100 Shot Screaming Missiles

100 shot cake of screaming missiles

Jester Rockets (5 pack) (Loud)

- 5 multi coloured loud rockets with a bang and sparkle effect

Sizzling Comet Missiles 

- 96 shot missiles cake

2 x 16" Packet of Sparklers

- 2 packets of 5 x 16" Sparklers

Duration (seconds)

Noise level

  • Medium


Dimensions (cm)

Weight (grams)

Firing height


Safety distance


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