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MK Fireworks King

Chinese Mega - £250 Deal

Chinese Mega - £250 Deal

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If you love fireworks, you'll love this! Some of the best cakes, rockets and barrages that we've got, bundled together to bring absolute mayhem to the skies of Milton Keynes. You've got colour, sparks, bangs and crackles. Definitely one to impress!

There is limited number available for this deal, don't be disappointed, order now.

The deal contains:

Total Wipeout Rockets (3 Pack) Loud

- 3 rockets (multi-effect) super loud

Super Whirl Rockets (7 Pack) Loud

- 7 rockets (multi-effect) super loud

Kaboom cake (49 shots)

- 49 shot multi colour crackling cake

Ragnarok cake (16 shots)

- 16 shot super cake

Sky Thunder cake (19 shots)

- 19 shot cake with amazing colour and sparks

Glittering Fire Fountain (180 seconds)

- A brilliant 3 minute long fountain with great colourful fountains with crackles and sparks

Peacock Fountain (60 seconds)

- A great novelty fan fountain with great colour and sparks

Mighty Atom Cake (18 shots)

- A great cake that will blow your socks off

Mercenary Cake (118 shots)

This is a very loud and impressive super cake 

6 x 16" Platinum Sparklers (5 Pack)

- 6 packets  of 16" Sparklers (30 in total)

Duration (seconds)

Noise level

  • Medium


Dimensions (cm)

Weight (grams)

Firing height


Safety distance


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