Milton Keynes Sparklers and Ice Fountains

If you're going to have a fireworks party in Milton Keynes then sparklers are an absolute must. 

According to the history of sparklers, the Chinese discovered and began manufacturing fireworks sometime near the sixth century AD. As fireworks became more complex and widely crafted, the quickly became a standard part of nearly every celebration in Asia.

Today, we still use sparklers and ice fountains to celebrate and commemorate lots of different types of events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Bonfire Night, New Year’s and Diwali. Wedding sparklers and coloured smoke have also become very popular; adding a special touch and an interactive feel to the event. Sparklers come in lots of different sizes and effects so it's definitely worth looking at our range of Milton Keynes sparklers and ice fountains.


Sparklers at wedding has grown in popularity. Weddings are now the second most popular time to use them. Generally, taking place when throwing confetti during the wedding exit. They are much more spectacular than confetti, and they don’t cost much more.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is another time celebrate. At the stroke of midnight, people wear their funny hats and have a champagne toast and light sparklers.


Birthdays are a great time to use sparklers or even ice fountains in the cake or for guests to hold. It definitely adds that extra pazazz.

Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants

A restaurant will use them to decorate a fancy dessert. Additionally, many bars use sparklers or ice fountains to make guests feels extra VIP by attaching the ice fountain to a bottle of Prosecco or Champagne.