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Little Flutters 50cm Multi Colour Confetti Cannon by Trafalgar

Little Flutters 50cm Multi Colour Confetti Cannon by Trafalgar

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Add some Flair and Flutter to your Birthday Party or Wedding with this 50cm Confetti Cannon by Trafalgar

The Multi Colour Confetti Cannon from Trafalgar comes already packed with 100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic and Non-flammable Confetti. Colours include Blue, Red and Yellow. 

Designed for both Indoor and Outdoor use, the Confetti Canons by Trafalgar operate on Compressed Air alone, meaning these non-dangerous launchers completely safe to use with no chemicals, gases or harmful chemicals what-so-ever. Simply twist the base of the launcher to shower your party guests with a spectacular colourful burst of confetti over an area of up to 6 meters. There’s even a satisfying pop to ensure your party goes off with a bang!

These fantastic Confetti Cannons are absolutely perfect for adding that extra little fun to your party

Full operating instructions and safety information included.
Always point the cannon away from your body, facing upwards into the air.
Ensure that no people or animals are in its path.

Not suitable for operation by children under 14 years of age.

Dimensions – L60cm x W5cm / L24” x W2” (approx.)

Duration (seconds)

Noise level


Dimensions (cm)


Weight (grams)

Firing height

Safety distance

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