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Orange 60 Second Handheld Smoke Grenade by Klasek Pyrotechnics

Orange 60 Second Handheld Smoke Grenade by Klasek Pyrotechnics

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The Hooligan range from Klasek include a handle to safely hold them. 

Each grenade produces a plume of coloured smoke for around 60 seconds. Started by lighting the fuse at the top of the handheld smoke grenade. Perfect for various uses including, Paintballing, Airsoft, Weddings, Parties, Photo shoots, Theatre, Music videos and Special effects. 

Our fuse lit smoke grenades produce the same great smoke output as their pull ring counterparts. 

Klasek is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of smoke grenades and smoke flares. Klasek grenades come in 9 colours - pink, blue, red, white, orange, purple, green, black, white. Smoke grenades can come in various time durations from 30 - 120 seconds. All our smoke bombs are CE approved. Grenades are the perfect accompaniment for celebrations and parties. 

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