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Purple 90 Second WP40 Smoke Grenade by Enola Gaye

Purple 90 Second WP40 Smoke Grenade by Enola Gaye

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Purple Enola Gaye smoke grenade also known as smoke bomb or smoke flare is a high quality smoke grenades that sets off large amounts of smoke started by releasing the wire ring pull on the cannister. Smoke is delivered from a single vent from the top of the grenade, no external flames. Smoke grenades are commonly used for birthdays, weddings, photoshoots, filming and paint balling. They do not contain sulphur and the smoke is non toxic.

Enola Gaye manufactures the world's most popular coloured smoke grenades, smoke bombs and smoke effects. The company was founded in the UK but is now renowned around the world for high quality smoke grenade products. Smoke grenades come in a variety of 9 colours: Red, White, Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black and Pink.

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