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Super Whirl Rockets (7 Pack) by Cube Fireworks (Loud) - Multibuy 2 for £70

Super Whirl Rockets (7 Pack) by Cube Fireworks (Loud) - Multibuy 2 for £70

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Create magic in the night sky with Super Whirl rockets. 7 ball shaped bundles of joy. Each rocket packs a super punch of noise, colour and sparkle. 

7 x assorted rockets which produce Chrys Willow, Brocade Crown, Silver Crackling Wave, Purple Palm Tree, Gold Glittering Willow, Big Chrys Flower. 

This pack offers a set of brilliant, explosive rockets that live up to their name, filling the sky with their awe-inspiring whirls and spectacular bursts of vibrant colour.

The rockets are classified as loud which means that they are extremely powerful and are sure to dazzle your guests. 

They are perfect for garden displays, though their stunning effects could easily grace larger events too.

Each rocket offers a special effect, creating an engaging performance. One moment, the sky will be filled with dazzling spirals; the next, an eruption of sparkling lights will captivate your audience. With Super Whirl, every launch is a surprise and a delight, keeping your guests eagerly anticipating the next burst of brilliance.

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88 x 20 x 5

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